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    The German Family Society was founded in 1955 at St. Bernardís Catholic church by Danubeswabian (Folk-German), German and Austrian immigrants. In the 1960ís, we moved to the German American Club in Akron, then in 1973 to our present location (Donau Park) in Brimfield Twp.

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  • Donauschwaban

    The 15th and 16th centuries witnessed the creation of the powerful Ottoman Empire. It conquered not only the Balkan States and most of Hungary, but even beleguered the city of Vienna in the next century.

    Three fierce forces controlled ...

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Important News

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~ Notice of Change to Entrance Pricing

Dear Members and Guests,

Thank you for supporting our Club and attending our Events through-out the year. We have always tried to offer fun filled evenings with quality home-made dinners and great entertainment at a reasonable price.

It has been a number of years since we've increased our prices for the dances and with the continued increase in food costs, band prices, and continual increase in operating costs, our German Family Society can no longer absorb this as we've been doing until now.

Effective Feb 1st 2016, Our entrance to events will be the following:
Active Members: $15.00 each; Passive Members: $17.00 each; Guests: $20.00 each.
This will be for Club Dance Events excluding Concerts, Festivals and Special Events.

Again, we Thank you for your continued support.

Rudy Stagl, President
German Family Society

Other Events:

~Visit our friends at the Cleveland Donauschwaben Club for more event opportunites

Hall Rental

Our Hall is used for many occations such as weddings, reunions, and company parties.

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GFS Blog

German Family Society Articles about our club as well as past and future events.
Written By: Rich Reikowski

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GFS Photo Gallery

German Family Society Photos from our club events.
Photos By: David Hall

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